The Advantages of Having the Best Child Custody Attorney

The relationship between a parent and their child is directly impacted by the result of a divorce or legal separation. The court will make the decision about custody if a parent and their spouse are unable to come to an agreement. The finest Augusta child custody lawyers are dedicated to making sure the children’s best interests are given first consideration, even in the face of emotionally charged situations.

Connell Law Firm’s husband-and-wife legal team provides services to families and individuals in Augusta, Georgia, as well as the neighbouring regions. The firm provides a comprehensive variety of family law services, such as paternity legitimation, divorce, adoption, and child support payments. It also emphasises personal injury claims and probate. With over 40 years of combined expertise, attorneys Christopher and Kristi Connell are skilled at developing strategies that assist clients in obtaining a favourable outcome for their cases.

In Columbia County, Georgia, Sheila G. Wahman Law, LLC represents clients in family and divorce matters. The profession focuses on matters pertaining to domestic abuse, including property distribution, custody, and visitation rights. It also offers services for arbitration and mediation. With over thirty years of legal experience, founder Sheila Grider Wahman assists her clients in navigating the court system.

Augusta Child Custody Attorneys
A custody disagreement frequently develops between the parties during a divorce. Specific rules must be adhered to by the courts in order to determine a child’s primary and secondary custody. When making decisions, the judge is not obligated to give preference to the mother or the father; instead, he or she will consider all relevant aspects that impact the welfare of the child.

In cases when there is a disagreement about child custody, consulting with professionals such custody evaluators and/or counsellors for both parents may be necessary. These experts may be able to help determine each party’s needs and provide suggestions to the court for how to settle the conflict.

The Law Office of Amanda M. Bellotti can help clients with divorce-related matters like enforcement of child support obligations and modification of visitation and custody orders, in addition to helping them with custody and visitation disputes. Ms. Bellotti can assist her clients with cases in both state and federal courts because she holds licences as a mediator and attorney in both Georgia and South Carolina.

The Martinez-based J. Michael Spence Attorney at Law handles a variety of family law cases, such as paternity legitimation and custody and visitation agreements. The practice’s goal is to assist parents in comprehending how much child support they should anticipate receiving in accordance with the laws of the state. The company also enforces unpaid child support orders and helps with child support modification. It also emphasises probate and civil law. Michael Spence is an attorney with more than 30 years of expertise in the legal field. Over 2,000 family-related cases—including those involving adoption, divorce, asset partition, and paternity and legitimation—have come under his legal counsel. His understanding of state and municipal regulations, particularly the Georgia Code of Domestic Relations, is considerable.

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