The Father’s Rights Lawyer: How to Know What Your Rights Are

For fathers, family law cases are often a source of extreme stress and uncertainty. This is especially true when a child custody case is involved. Historically, courts have heavily favored the mother, but this trend has started to change as more and more men become aware of their rights as parents and are seeking legal representation to protect them. Regardless of whether you are considering filing for divorce, facing allegations of domestic violence, or need to modify existing child custody arrangements, the best way to ensure your legal rights are protected is to contact a highly-rated Fathers Rights Attorney in Fort Worth who has extensive experience handling a wide variety of family law matters.

What are fathers’ rights?

The state of Texas recognizes that children need both parents to thrive. Traditionally, courts tended to favor the mother because they assumed she would be a better parent. This is a flawed assumption that needs to be combated by dedicated and skilled lawyers for dads like the ones at The Maynard Law Firm. Our attorneys believe that the relationship between a child and their father is just as important as it is with their mother, and they will fight to ensure that your parental rights are respected in any matter regarding your family.

One of the most common issues in a divorce is a custody dispute. Child custody, known as conservatorship under Texas law, can be divided into two aspects – legal custody (decision-making) and physical custody (when the child will live with each parent). The best interest of the child is always the primary consideration when making these decisions. Nevertheless, this does not mean that fathers cannot be awarded custody or visitation time with their children. In fact, when both parents are considered to be fit to care for the child, a joint custody arrangement can often be a good solution for all parties.

Child support is another important issue that can arise in a custody or visitation dispute. Typically, both parents are required to pay child support on a monthly basis, but this amount can vary depending on the individual circumstances of each family. Our attorneys are experienced in all aspects of child support and will work with you to ensure that your financial needs are met as well as those of your children.

Moreover, we have also successfully handled many suits involving parental rights. This includes defending fathers against false abuse accusations, helping them obtain custody or visitation orders, and assisting parents who never married in obtaining suits affecting the parent-child relationship (SAPCRs). A qualified lawyer will be able to help you with your child support case in any way that is best for you and your family. Contact us today to schedule a free consultation with our team of experienced attorneys. We look forward to hearing from you! The Law Office of Davis and Associates, Attorneys at Law, LLC is located in Fort Worth, Texas. Our firm is nationally recognized as a leader in fathers’ rights and was instrumental in drafting Texas joint custody laws. We strive to help parents get the custody arrangements they want, while ensuring that children receive the care and attention they deserve.

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